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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 Predictions - AL

AL East:
Boston: Better pitching
New York: Built to win regular season games
Tampa: Fun, fun, fun
Toronto: Meh
Baltimore: Bor-ring

AL Central:
Cleveland: Assumes Borowski gets hurt, saving them from their manager
Detroit: Is it me, or is Dontrelle Willis overrated?
KC: Because everyone can't finish 4th
Minnesota: Because I really hate the White Sox
Chicago: Probably aren't so bad. But I'll be rooting against them.

AL West:
Anaheim: But it won't be because of Torii Hunter
Seattle: An otherwise nice team with Jose Vidro as DH deserves to be punished
Oakland: Because they have pitchers
Texas: Because they have no pitchers

AL Wild Card: Detroit


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